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Sprockids Leadership Training

Becoming a Sprockids Leader is as simple as attending a Sprockids Leadership Training course. These 1 and 2 day sessions offer future leaders resources and information needed to sponsor a successful youth cycling program: teaching to youth and youth learning capabilities, establishing partners, scouting locations, facility requirements, fee schedules, program promotion, waivers and permissions, session signup and setup, safety considerations, teaching materials and agendas, and post-session evaluation. 

Sprockids Leaders are asked to commit to a minimum of 6 hours per year as instructors to participate in the program. Sprockids sessions can be tailored to meet the goals of your audience, from a few hours on weekend afternoon, to an eight or ten week after school program.     

Sprockids Leadership Training is offered at our facilities; or organize a group of people to attend a Sprockids Leadership Training and a Master Course Instructor will come to your area to run the leadership session. 

For details or to schedule your Sprockids Leadership Training contact us at LetsRide@sprockids.com