Here's to the Kid in Sprockids


Sprockids is based on:

  • Teaching four skills areas for cycling: Safety, Etiquette, Riding Skills, and Bicycle Maintenance.
  • Participants progress at their own pace.
  • Everyone participates.
  • No one sits on the bench.
  • Participants keep a record of progress and achievements.
  • Leaders are trained to instruct, evaluate, and encourage young riders.
  • Teaching life skills – goal setting, problem solving, decision making.
  • Using cycling to develop a healthy, positive attitude and teach learning as lifelong activity.
  • Promote positive values – respect for others, empathy, appreciation, community, and responsibility for the environment.

It’s not just for kids!

Parents, mountain biking is one of the few activities you can physically DO WITH your children. Rather than just driving them to the rink and watching you can actually participate with your children and experience the excitement of mountain biking right along with them. You will connect with your children on a very real and meaningful level, while rediscovering the child within yourself.

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